Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When Ruth Evershed was recruited into MI-5 from the Government Communications Headquarters, no one could have predicted that her sister Linda might one day prove to be a liability that could compromise Ruth's effectiveness as an operative.

Not that it was Linda's fault. She was married to Graham Shand, a serial killer who would pick up women in an unlicensed cab and then murder them, leaving their bodies in a prescribed fashion. Earlier this year, Graham Shand was finally captured, but not before he murdered Linda's lover. As he was being led away to the police car, Linda Shand rushed up behind the cops and sank a claw hammer into the back of her husband's head.

For several years, Ruth Evershed was considered dead, but it had all been staged to help save MI-5 from an internal plot by the government to make torture acceptable to the public. When she resurfaced in 2009, she may not have let her sister know the truth; so it's pozz'ble that Linda may have suddenly suspected that Ruth had also been one of her husband's victims when she went after him with the hammer. The relationship between Ruth and Linda has never been acknowledged, of course, but it's hard to "refudiate" the evidence of their physical resemblance to each other. Still, this has to remain a theory.

Ruth Evershed - 'Spooks' ('MI-5' in America)
Linda Shand - 'Luther'



Andy said...

I really liked Nicola Walker in "Touching Evil."

Toby O'B said...

I never saw either version of that show and I've heard conflicting reports on which I should try first.