Monday, November 29, 2010


We already know that 'Human Target' has to be in another TV dimension. Their world has a totally different Queen Elizabeth of England, and a Princess of Wales to boot (a title which doesn't even exist in our world). But now we might have another bit o' trivia that demonstrates their other-Toobworldliness.

They don't have an NBC.

Actually they do have an NBC TV network, but it's not the Peacock Throne of the National Broadcasting Company. At the end of the latest episode of 'Human Target', their client told Winston and Ilsa that she had given the information to a trusted friend who was a reporter on the National Business Channel.

National Business Channel - NBC.

The acronyms for all of the various broacast networks stand for something - TCM (Turner Classic Movies), CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Systems), FOX (Far-right Operated Xenophobes) - and they must have those acronyms protected. So I don't think a National Business Channel would be able to use "NBC" if the original NBC was in existence.

What could have taken its place among the first big three networks? Maybe General David Sarnoff didn't rip off Philo Farnsworth; maybe Farnsworth became the media giant he deserved to be. So maybe what was NBC in our world (and the main Toobworld) could have been FBC over there. And if so, then there would not be a Fox Business Channel, and that would bring it all full circle. (N)BCnU!


Andy said...

What could have taken its place among the first big three networks?

Toby O'B said...

My brain must have been on the fritz that I didn't think of it. Thanks, Andy!