Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There are characters out there who are "Multiversals". That is, they exist in more than one plane of existence. Not just alternate TV dimensions, but other fictional universes created from the spark of Mankind's artistic endeavors.

One such character is this month's candidate for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, and a more fitting month for the honor couldn't be found than October....


He began life in a comic book series and two movies have been made about him, the original "Hellboy" and "Hellboy II: The Golden Army". Plus there's at least one videogame out there.

He appears in two different dimensions of Toobworld - Earth Prime-Time and the Tooniverse. In cartoon form, he appears in 'Hellboy Animated', but the more interesting story is of course from the main Toobworld......
As a promotion for the "Hellboy" sequel before it came out, Hellboy showed up in a series of TV commercials that linked him with a series of established TV shows. Among them 'Backstage At The Actor's Studio', 'American Gladiators', and 'Chuck'.
Check out this compilation video:

It could be argued that the series of commercials more rightly belongs in the Promoverse which is mainly occupied by characters from the USA Network shows. And I wouldn't argue with that. But the result would be the same - Hellboy has made enough connections with other TV shows to qualify for membership in the TVXOHOF.

So welcome to the TV Crossover Hell - er, Hall! - of Fame, Big Red!


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