Saturday, October 9, 2010


October 9, 1582 doesn't exist in the timelines of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Poland, because the Gregorian calendar went into effect.

So what would have happened if the Gallifreyan Time Lord of 'Doctor Who' landed in one of those countries on that day that didn't exist? Would the Reapers be summoned? Would he have found himself in that Limbo-state seen in 'The Outer Limits' episode "The Premonition"? Maybe there would be some sort of connection to the manipulation of Time in 'Eerie, Indiana'......

And whatever the environs of an October 9th that doesn't exist, maybe it would be the perfect place for the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor to meet some of his earlier incarnations - especially the 8th, played by Paul McGann.

Maybe there's a writer of fanfic out there who might want to explore the subject.....


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