Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A little something different for the "Two For Tuesday" edition of "As Seen On TV" - a double-header of topics, and yet centered around the same person.....
Colosimo's restaurant in Chicago was featured in the final moments of the series debut for 'Boardwalk Empire'. But it wasn't the first time that the place where gangster Big Jim Colosimo was gunned down showed up in Toobworld. It was also seen in a special presentation of 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' - "Young Indiana Jones And The Mystery Of The Blues".

Here's the sign for Colosimo's that was hanging out front of the restaurant as seen in 'Boardwalk Empire':

But here's the how it looked in the earlier production:
There's an easy splainin for this discrepancy. Colosimo's was a huge, deep restaurant and it took up a good section of the block.

As you can see from this sequence of shots, Colosimo's must be situated on a rounded street corner so that the door faces out to the intersection.
So the smaller sign was around the block and farther down the street, advertising another entrance.


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