Friday, October 29, 2010


'Raising Hope' presented a pop culture reference which wasn't a Zonk that needed to be disabled. In fact, it could be considered a missing link connection!

Batman is a multiversal character. He started out in comic books, created by Bob Kane; appeared in at least one movie serial; burst wide open with the 1966 camp classic TV series; was a character in several shows set in the Tooniverse; was revitalized by Tim Burton; and is now reborn with a new franchise.

In the Halloween episode of 'Raising Hope', Jimmy Chance and Sabrina dressed up as Batman and Robin for the deli guy's party. Sabrina's boyfriend later came dressed as Batman as well.

There was no mention of the movies, the TV show, the cartoons or the comic books. They were just there as Batman and Robin. And in the main Toobworld, Batman and Robin were real costumed crime-fighters who saw their heyday peak in the mid-1960's.

Batman and Robin share the same TV dimension as Jimmy Chance and his family and friends.....


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