Friday, October 29, 2010


Apparently, the legal drama 'The Whole Truth' has been cancelled by ABC, but the remaining episodes will be burned off over the coming weeks.

Previews for those episodes were shown after the case that was broadcast this past Wednesday. And at one point, a very "wold newtonesque" connection could be argued from what we saw.

ADA Kathryn Peale exclaimed "The game is afoot!" She was met with a quizzical look by defense lawyer Jimmy Brogan.

"You know... Sherlock Holmes...." she said in explanation.

But when that didn't seem to clear things up for Jimmy, Kathryn grabbed her stuff and left the office: "You don't get me."

Since that was in a preview, there may have been more to that conversation which was edited out. But if the basics hold true, it could be interpreted that Kathryn was quoting the actual Sherlock Holmes!

There was no belaboring the point that Holmes is a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A mention of the stories alone wouldn't be a problem as it has been acknowledged that they were chronicled by Dr. Watson. (Conan Doyle served as his literary agent.)

As a connection for Toobworld (which has less stringent rules than the Westphallians and other TV crossover sites), 'The Whole Truth' would then link to the interpretation of Sherlock Holmes assayed by Jeremy Brett, the official version of the Great Detective for Earth Prime-Time.

It would be nice to now link 'The Whole Truth' to another TV series that is firmly connected to the established hub of this version of the TV Universe (but which is shared by the Westphallians). But for now, the general assumption that Kathryn - as well as Terence Edgecomb and Chad Griffin - work for Jack McCoy, the District Attorney for TV-NYC (as seen in 'Law & Order') will have to serve.


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