Saturday, September 11, 2010


Been filling up on 'The Numbers' from 'Lost' lately. Doesn't matter that show has ended - just because it's no longer visible to the Trueniverse doesn't mean that it doesn't keep on going in Toobworld.

First, a reminder of the numerical sequence:

Here are the numbers I've O'Bserved in the last few months:

From 'Maverick':

From 'Foyle's War':

From "A Cry For Help: The Tracy Thurman Story":

From 'Leverage':

From the pilot episode of 'No Ordinary Family':

From the pilot episode of 'Nikita':

I've also noticed that the number "23" keeps popping up in dialogue - the number of years since an event happened, the age of a character, etc. And I keep forgetting to write them down as soon as I hear them. The only one I remember is the age of an American soldier in an episode of 'Foyle's War'.......


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