Wednesday, September 8, 2010


During "The Morning After Job" on 'Leverage', hedge fund thief Mark Vector (the scam's mark) claimed that he beat up hockey player Marty Lebec, back when Vector was still a nationally known hockey player himself. (He even named his investment firm "Slapshot".) I don't see any reason why we can't assume that Marty was the brother of Guy Edouard Raymond Lebec, better known in the hockey world as "Eddie". (As his widow Carla pointed out in an episode of 'Cheers', it was too "weenie" to use his first name of "Guy".) Eddie Lebec was killed in a tragic ice rink accident when he was run over by a rogue Zamboni while dressed as a penguin for an ice capades-type show. During the funeral, the attention of the audience was mostly drawn to the fact that there were two Mrs. Eddie Lebec's in attendance, but maybe Marty Lebec was there as well among those other hockey players.

In fact, I think this player, who followed Norm in the viewing line and who struck the casket with his hockey stick in tribute, could have been Eddie's brother: Like Mushrat would say, "It's pozz'ble, it's pozz'ble....."


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