Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mark Evanier, whose "News According To ME" blog can be found listed to the left, claims that using a picture of a Cream Of Mushroom Soup can is an "ancient" internet symbol meaning that a blog will be on hiatus for awhile. But so far, I've only seen it used in three sites - Mark's, Ivan's "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear", and here at Inner Toob.

Oh well. Here we go again......

It's not going to be a true hiatus. I'll have stuff set up to be posted while I'm gone. It just won't have any spontaneity.

Here's what's going to happen when Toobworld Central goes on vacation again this year:

There won't be any particular theme to the "As Seen On TV" gallery, but we will continue to run that feature with the focus on historical figures from the Old West, as we traditionally do during the month of August.

But as an added treat, there will be an occasional Tiddlywinkydink which will be centered around my all-time favorite TV Western - 'Maverick'. And to make it more interesting for myself (Who cares about you.), I've set myself the challenge to write only about the two episodes I recently saw at the Paley Center for Media: "Seed Of Deception" and "Red Dog".

Writing about 'Maverick' is easy for me. Getting fourteen stories out of just those two episodes? "Tricky", as Deep Thought once said. Some of them may only be the most tangential references, but at least they'll be connected.

Hopefully that'll keep you coming back until my vacation is over......


"It's going to be a long, dry summer...."
Charley Plank

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