Friday, August 6, 2010


In the 'Maverick' episode "Seed Of Deception", Bret and Bart find themselves mistaken for Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in the town of Bonita. No state was mentioned, but I'm thinking (never a good thing) that it could have been Bonita, California. Mention was made that Bonita was on the way to Yuma, and the Maverick boys could have been traveling East.

Yuma automatically makes one think that it must be Yuma, Arizona, and the sheriff's mention that Jim Mundy has a spread down near the border seems to be an indication that they're close to the border of Mexico. Both Yuma and Bonita run along the same line parallel to the Mexican border. Also, Sheriff Bill McPeters mentions that should the bank in Bonita lose the contract for storing the mining payroll, it would be to the profit of the bank in Central City.

Just a bit north of Bonita, at least according to Google maps, there's a Central, California, which appears to be a suburb of San Diego. It could be that in Toobworld, this is Central City, the town that was a rival to nearby Bonita.

Why should that matter? Because I want to make a theoretical link between 'Maverick' and another show, that's why!

In the pilot episode of 'The Flash', Barry Allen chased a bus in downtown Central City, only to end up in the surf at Crystal Beach, 30 miles away, a few seconds later. On the map, the distance to the California shoreline looks reasonable from Bonita. Everything else about Central City has that California feel, so that's where we're going to say it is. And with that, we're going to claim a geographical link between the Mavericks Bret and Bart with Barry Allen! BCnU!

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