Sunday, August 1, 2010


For this two-week salute to 'Maverick', let's get things started with something simple - "Pappyisms".

"Pappyisms" are these sayings that supposedly originated with the father of Bret, Bart, and Brent - Beauregard Maverick.

When Cousin Beau uttered one of these bon mots in "Red Dog", he O'Bviously attributed it to his Uncle Beauregard. No way would Beau think of the family patriarch as "Pappy". After all, the Mavericks are from Texas, not Arkansas.

From the episode "Red Dog":

"Some men are afraid of the dark and some are afraid to leave it."

Despite the presence of both Bret and Bart Maverick in "Seed Of Deception", no Pappyisms were employed.....


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