Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Judge Reese may have been a scoundrel in the 'Maverick' episode "Red Dog"; but had he been really a black-hearted villain, the Judge would have ordered Wolf MacManus to gun down Beau "Red Dog" Maverick when he refused the opportunity to join their bank robbery plan. And although his ultimate goal was to line his pockets with reward money, at least he was trying to get three bad guys out of circulation.

Two out of three ain't bad.

Earlier in his career, Judge Reese may have built up quite a reputation on the bench as a force for good in the Old West. To the point that perhaps the people looked up to him and and saw him as an inspiration for their own lives. They may have even carried out this hero worship to the point where they named their children after him.

One such family might have been the Bennetts down in Texas.

Of course, this must have been early in the career of Judge Reese, for even though he was an old man by the time we met him in that episode of 'Maverick', Reese Bennett was fully into adulthood by then - as seen in 'Laredo'....


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