Saturday, August 14, 2010


The 'Maverick' episode "Seed Of Deception" had several great actors - Myron Healey, Frank Ferguson, Adele Mara... and one of the most beautiful women from the late fifties/early sixties television: Joi Lansing.
Ms. Lansing played a resident of Bonita, Ca. named Mrs. Laura "Doll" Hayes. As she told Bret (whom she thought was Doc Holliday), her late husband used to call her "Doll", and even though she didn't much care for it, the name seemed to have stuck even after his death.

Hearing that her name was "Mrs. Hayes" and that she was a widow was a trigger for me as a caretaker of Toobworld - just whose widow was she?The knee-jerk reaction was, of course, Hannibal Heyes from my second favorite TV Western 'Alias Smith & Jones'. The difference in the spelling of the last name was not a problem - we never saw it printed in "Seed Of Deception" and as noted several times in the past here at Inner Toob, the spelling of names in the final credits has no bearing on any given character on TV.

So that wouldn't have been a problem. But the timeline would be.

"Seed Of Deception" takes place around 1872, and Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry were in their prime in the mid 1880's. Otherwise, Laura Hayes was just the type of woman who could have enticed "Joshua Smith" into marriage.

But the idea did provide me with yet a new theory to splain away the recasting of Hannibal Heyes from Pete Duel to Roger Davis, which was caused in the real world by the death of Duel. As these Inner Toob posts are supposed to be about 'Maverick' during my two week vacation, we'll save that splainin for later in the month.

In the meantime, let's just use this opportunity as an excuse to celebrate the beauty of Joi Lansing. In Toob Rock terms, she serves as my "Pictures Of Lily".

TMI? Too bad.

Sadly, Joi Lansing passed away in the early 1970's from cancer.



Anonymous said...

Joi Lansing co-starred as Lester Flatts wife on a few Beverly Hillbillies episodes. I suppose the producers chose her to be Mrs. Flatt because she certainly was not flat. Check out "Hillbillies in a Haunted House". She could sing. What a waste

Anonymous said...

In many ways, I believe Joi Lansing was more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe. And certainly smarter.

Cliff said...

Joi's always been one of my favorites too: