Thursday, July 1, 2010


Over in Jolly Old TV-UK, Ricky Hanson is the nemesis of retired Detective Jack Halford, mainly because Hanson was responsible for the death of Jack's wife Mary in a deliberate hit and run. Unfortunately, Jack couldn't prove it. But the crime boss was finally sent up and it was all due to Hanson's own son.

It's Toobworld Central's way of thinking that Ricky didn't have great relations with his own father - if he even knew the man whom we believe to be dear old dad: Michael Bennett. Back in 1940, Michael Bennett was in charge of a fuel depot outside Hastings. Despite being married - and having his wife right there with him in the office - Bennett leered at the women driving the tankers and would find any excuse to touch them. Before the month of September, 1940, was out, Bennett had reason to be a bit bolder in his attentions on these younger women, and it's possible one of them returned his affections. Eventually, she might have become pregnant by him, although she more than likely ended up raising the child on her own. If this theory of relateeveety plays out, this girl's last name would have been Hanson. Through Ricky Hanson's son Luke, we might also project the family tree into the 27th Century to find Professor Hobbes - chronicled in Toobworld as taking a tour on the planet "Midnight". Heading in the other direction along the Hanson lineage, Michael Bennett may have been an illegitimate son himself. If so, his father may have been Hurry Fenwick, who was connected to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel at the turn of the 20th Century. SHOWS CITED:

'New Tricks'
'Foyle's War'
'Doctor Who'
'Casualty 1909'


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