Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Toobworld has gained a new African nation which won't be found on any Rand-McNally map of the real world.

Wadata is a West African nation currently led by President Simeon Moto and it is rich in oil and diamonds. It was the backdrop for one of the latest Boston-based schemes pulled off by the 'Leverage' team.

Wadata has never been invoked in any other TV series - so far as I know - so we can't make a link... as is. However, President Moto's evil brother seemed to infer it was a relatively new nation, which means it either was carved out of some pre-existing country as it broke free in a bid for independence, or it was originally known by some other name.

There are a few candidates for either of those options:

African East Victoria ("Mission: Impossible")
Bocamo ("Mission: Impossible")
Kembu ("Jake 2.0")
Ghalea ("Mission: Impossible")
Limbawe ("Airwolf")
N'Shoba ("Capitol")
The Nyamba Protectorate ("Danger Man")
Topango ("The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.")

Western Natumba/Natsumba ("The Man From U.N.C.L.E.")

Two countries that probably shouldn't be considered would be the Sahalese Republic and Equatorial Kundhu, both from 'The West Wing' which takes place in an alternate TV dimension.

Because the reporter who was in danger from Moto's brother worked for the West African News service, Western Natumba is a strong pozz'bility. However, I'm leaning towards one of the satellite states in the Nyamba Protectorate breaking free to be on its own. Mainly because I'm such a McGoohanite.


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