Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Two weeks ago on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent', we were introduced to Marta Caldera, the wife of New York State Senator Victor Caldera. Marta was also the daughter of former dictator General Omar Castillo. The name of his South American country is not given in the episode "True Legacy" and that's all for the good where Toobworld is concerned.

Toobworld Central can then make the claim that some other South American dictatorship seen on TV was the same country where General Castillo ruled. And I think a good choice would be San Cordova from the 'Mission: Impossible' episode "The Elixir". Reva Santel, the widow of the former leader, wanted to take over with her own dictatorship. And she would have succeeded if it hadn't been for those meddling IMF agents. Deputy Premier Tomas Avilla tried to hold free and open elections, and his plan may have worked - once the IMF made sure that Riva Santel's ambitions were thwarted. However, freedom and democracy were probably foreign concepts to the people of San Cordova, and so a man like General Castillo could easily have wrested control of the country for his own gains.

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