Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One of my long-time correspondents, dating back to the original Tubeworld Dynamic website, and one of the original members of Team Toobworld, Hugh Davis has come up with an interesting theory of relateeveety that, by an amazing stroke of coincidence, ties into a post that I'm working on.....

Late in the 'Little House' run, in fact just as it was shifting into its "A New Beginning" final season, Shannen Doherty appeared as Jenny Wilder, a niece (through marriage) of Laura.

Given your emphasis on tele-genetics, that prompted me to think there could be a connection to another series. After all, the Walshes come to Beverly Hills from Minnesota, home state of Walnut Grove and 'Little House'. Therefore, why wouldn't Jenny Wilder (one of the earliest roles and, I think, her first regular series role, for Shannen Doherty) be the ancestor of Brenda Walsh (most famous regular series role for Shannen Doherty)?

That way, if you ever needed it, you can tie 'Little House on the Prairie' and 'Little House: The New Beginning' (and, if you count TV movies, there were two "Young Pioneers" ones produced by Michael Landon based on Rose Wilder Lane's autobiographical writings; if only Landon had officially connected his 'Father Murphy', there'd be even more frontier shows to link) with 'Beverly Hills, 90210', which spun off the original 'Melrose Place' (which, in turn, spun off 'Models, Inc.') and begat '90210', which has since spun off the new 'MP'.

Just saying...


Works for me!


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