Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have this friend, Michael. Love him dearly, but he's got this fascination for reality TV which I, as a Caretaker for the fictional reality of Toobworld, can not comprehend.

Last night, he showed me an episode of a new one, 'Hoarders'. And of course, I didn't like it. But I think that may have been more because I could see myself - only a little - in the two subjects of that episode. Yeah, I do have a lot more stuff in this apartment than I really need, and there are boxes of videotapes down the long hallway which will probably never see the light of day again. But at least they're boxed up and out of the way, not like some of those people. At least for now; I hope forever!

Anyhoo, TV blogger and former NY Post TV columnist Adam Buckman (who's got an incredibly inflated ego - just check out that heading on his blog!) has written
an article about these 'Hoarders' and reminds us of who might be Toobworld's original hoarder: Fred Sanford!

So, at least in this, common ground has been found for me and Michael, between my little fantasy concept of Toobworld and the reality blight that once could have threatened to destroy it. BCnU!

By the way... I'm cleaning my apartment tomorrow!

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