Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dr. Bell wasn't the only one using an alias in "Grey Matters", last week's episode of 'Fringe'. The severed head that was brought back to life and reattached to a body was identified as Thomas Jerome Newton, but I'm told this was the name of David Bowie's character in "The Man Who Fell To Earth".

Supposedly "Newton" was from the parallel dimension which is planning to invade Earth Prime-Time. (I have to keep reminding myself not to say "our world".) So why would he need an alias on Toobworld, if he wasn't already known by his own name there?

O'Bviously because his counterpart from Earth Prime-Time already existed on Earth Prime-Time. Based on his massive intellect, I think "Thomas Jerome Newton" is the dimensional doppelganger for Dr. Kurt Mandel, last seen in 'Odyssey 5'.

So if this other Kurt Mandel was posing as Thomas Jerome Newton so that he wouldn't trigger any alarms for the other Mandel, it bodes well that the original recipe is alive in the 2009 TV Universe.....

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