Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On September 16, a lot of celebrities will be celebrating their birthdays. That's true for every day of the year, of course. But when the day also includes Lauren Bacall and Peter Falk, it kind of grabs your attention to see who else shares the day.

And three names jumped out at me because September 16 is also Peter Falk's birthday:

Janis Paige
Anne Francis Ed Begley, Jr.
All three of these actors share more than just their birthday with Falk. Each of them appeared in episodes of 'Columbo'.

Janis Paige was Goldie Williamson in "Blueprint For Murder".

Anne Francis was Valerie Bishop in "Short Fuse" and murder victim Sharon Martin in "A Stitch In Crime".

As for Ed Begley, Jr., he played Irving Krutch, a pivotal role in a later 'Columbo' movie. "Undercover" veered from the established pattern of earlier 'Columbo' mysteries and was based on a story by Evan Hunter (Ed McBain).

Happy Birthday to them all from this unabashed fan of the rumpled detective!

[My thanks to the best damned 'Columbo' site out there!]


Speaking of Lauren Bacall, she would have been fantastic as the murderer in one of the early 'Columbo' episodes!

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Anne Francis scares me.