Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hopefully not lost in the news about the death of Patrick Swayze, Paul Burke also passed away. He was 83.
His best known roles in Toobworld would be of Detective Adam Flint in 'Naked City', and Colonel Joe Gallagher in '12 O'Clock High'. (Gallagher, seen in two episodes of the first season, took over command of the squadron after the death of General Frank Savage who was played by Robert Lansing.)

One of his last high-profile roles on television was as Neal McVane on 'Dynasty' during the mid-1980s.

But with the TV audience being a nation of amnesiacs (as Miles Drentell might say), it may be his role in a later production of 'Columbo' ("Uneasy Lies The Crown" - one of my favorite 'Columbo' titles) that may keep him in the memory of viewers. That's going to have more of a shelf life on the Tube than the other series......

TV-NYC has lost one of its heroes with the passing of Adam Flint. (I would imagine Colonel Gallagher passed away some time ago.) And Toobworld Central tips its hat to him.

Here's an
article about Paul Burke from TV Guide, back when he was filming 'Naked City'. The following clip is a scene from 'Naked City' with Burke as Adam Flint, Horace McMahon as Dan Muldoon, and guest star Richard Jordan (with a quick glimpse of Barbara Barrie - I think.....)

Good night, and may God bless. BCnU.....

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Jim Peyton said...

Naked City was the best. 12 O'clock High was also a winner. Paul wasn't a very good dirty dance so he was lost in the clutter like poor Farrah.