Wednesday, July 8, 2009


July and August are traditionally the months in which Toobworld Central celebrates the TV Western. In the old days of the Tubeworld Dynamic web site, we'd put up a massive "expo" of material at the beginning of July and then just take the next two months off.

When it comes to the TV Crossover Hall of Fame nowadays, we usually induct the televersion of an historical Western figure in one month and a TV Western character in the other. This year, as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Hall of Fame, we have an induction each week:

First week: The League Of Themselves
Second week: As Seen On TV
Third week: The Tooniverse
Fourth week: Location, Location, Location

So, for the first week of July, we're inducting an actor who made quite a few Western movies during his career, and who had no problem in spoofing his own image by playing a televersion of himself in several shows:


... aka "The Weber Show"
- ...And Then Larry Brought Charlton Heston Home (2000)

- The One with Joey's Dirty Day (1998)
"Space Ghost Coast to Coast"
- Dam (1997)

"America 2-Night"
- 60 Seconds of Fame (1978)

He also had a cameo in the second "Wayne's World" movie, which would be a Cineversal extension of Skitlandia, the sketch comedy TV dimension....... So here's a tip of the hat to the late actor and activist for his entry into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame.


[Heston is seen with future Hall of Famer Joey Tribbiani and with Space Ghost.]


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Love that friends episode I have see it like a thousand times but it never gets old (friends will never get old just never!!!!!!)