Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Back in June, I wrote about an Indiana Jones wanna-be in an episode of 'CSI: NY' with the intent of de-Zonking the reference. In the course of that post, I mentioned that there had been four actors to have played Henry "Indiana" Jones on television: "Corey Carrier, Sean Patrick Flanery, George Hall, and Harrison Ford himself, who of course originated the role in the movies."

A poster named "P" set me straight on that issue; that there were in fact six "actors" seen on TV as Indy:

"For better or worse a child named Neil Boulane played 'Baby Indy' and "Boutalat" is credited as 'Toddler Indy' in the 'Young Indiana Jones' episode: "My First Adventure"."

So, via Netflix, I received a copy of that DVD and can now show you what Indiana Jones looked like as a newborn and as a roof-climing toddler: I think Dr. Henry Walden "Indiana" Jones is one of the few Toobworld citizens to have so much of his personal timeline chronicled in a regular series - from birth nearly to death. (It's the type of biographical history usually seen in mini-series.)

And as Indiana Jones' birthday was a week ago (He was born on July 1st, 1899.), I'm thinking it is safe to say that he has passed away in Toobworld. Although I'm fairly certain he was able to enjoy his centennial celebration....


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