Sunday, July 5, 2009


While 'Passions' was on the air, the soap opera made several crossovers with other shows, most of which garnered publicity at the time. For instance, Dr. Bombay of 'Bewitched' appeared several times in the town of Harmony. (It's what got the witch doctor inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame in its first year.) His first appearance coincided with the 35th anniversay of the premiere of 'Bewitched'.

And there was the time Mary McConnell of the Montecito kept tabs on some Harmony citizens as they gambled in another 'Las Vegas' casino.

'Las Vegas' wasn't the only prime time series to link with the daytime soap opera. During the final episode of 'Providence' ("The Eleventh Hour") in 2002, two of the 'Passions' players could be seen attending the wedding Owen and Syd. Dr. TC Russell and Eve Russell were played by Rodney Van Johnson and Tracey Ross, but neither of them had lines to confirm their identity in the scene. Still, Toobworld Central is taking the position that they were in fact playing their characters from 'Passions'.

"Your mother would be very happy."

"She ALWAYS talked about my wedding.
I never imagined she wouldn't be here for it."



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