Friday, April 3, 2009


NBC next Thursday in the berth that had been the home for 'ER' (which ended tonight). In fact, its producer is John Wells, who oversaw 'ER' as well.

So I just finished watching the episode. As far as the TV Universe goes, it was pretty realistic. But it's just not something I'll be watching on a regular basis; in fact, I'll probably treat it like 'ER' - tune in if an interesting guest star (or one of my friends) shows up in an episode.

However, I did get a theoretical Toobworldly connection out of it. After the rookie Ben shot down a cop-shooter, his mentor asked him where did he shoot like that - "At the Beverly Hills Gun Club?"

There used to be a Beverly Hills Gun Club indoor shooting range. There's now a blog using that name, since 2007. It served as a location in the movie "Beverly Hills Cop II". But for Toobworld purposes, I'd like to think that his character of Officer John Cooper was referring to a movie by that name, written by Adam Rafkin and produced by Peter Dragon - as seen in the TV series 'Action'.

Also, it's pozz'ble - until some future episode when it could get disputed - that Officer Cooper is the son of John Cooper, as played by Bo Hopkins on a few episodes of 'The Rockford Files'...... BCnU!
Toby O'B

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