Tuesday, March 31, 2009


New show started last week on ABC called 'In The Motherhood'. I was going to check it out, but Alan Sepinwall was so adamant about how bad it was in his own blog ("What's Alan Watching?" - the link is to the left, Dahlingks!) that I decided to skip the experience.

But according to TVGal, there was at least one Zonk that needed to be disabled. Because even though I didn't watch it, that doesn't mean the show didn't become part of Toobworld. This is Horatio and Jane and he brought up the Zonk to her:

"I know you have this whole Angela/Tony - 'Who's The Boss' thing going on."


Well, I think we could assume that Horatio was referring to two friends of theirs whom we in the TV audience will never get to meet. And the 'Who's The Boss' thing is just a classification nickname given to a situation in which a married couple struggle for dominance over each other.

So their friends Angela and Tony are in a spiritual tug of war when it comes to their relationship.

I know that I usually get tripped up when I try to surmise about a show which I didn't see, but hopefully this splainin will hold up.

And even if it doesn't, I get the feeling that 'In The Motherhood' won't be around long enough to really make any difference.....

Toby O'B

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