Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"As Seen On TV" celebrates those real world people, both living and dead, who are portrayed on Television by actors or drawn for the Tooniverse. Or even portrayed by puppets.

For today's showcase, we're taking a look at the real-life historical figure of Bigfoot, otherwise known as "Sasquatch".
In "The Secret Of Bigfoot", an episode of 'The Six Million Dollar Man', Colonel Steve Austin tangled with the legendary beast-man while searching for some missing seismologists.

Austin fought with Bigfoot which revealed that the creature was bionic as well, and serving as the sentry for an alien encampment to protect them from the outside world which was alien to them.

But even though this Bigfoot was more machine than creature, it didn't negate the Truth - Bigfoot exists!
One of its species adopted a human family named the Hendersons and they gave it the name of Harry.
Another one served as a companion and guardian to a feral teen raised in the forests and known as Wildboy.
And in the alternate TV dimension in which one could find the research compound known as 'Sanctuary', a Bigfoot works for Dr. Helen Magnus at the facility.

'The Six Million Dollar Man'
'Harry And The Hendersons'
'Bigfoot And Wildboy'
"Bigfoot" (a TV movie)
Toby O'B

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