Saturday, January 17, 2009


Here's a report from Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly:

'Reaper''s wickedly funny devil, Ray Wise, is briefly retiring his pitchfork to guest on a February ep of 'Numb3rs'. He'll play a jury consultant for a defendant which Robin, Don and co. are trying to convict of murder.

You know, the Devil doesn't just consort with his minions, like Sam. It was established in 'Reaper' that he even had a relationship with at least one mortal woman.

And since Toobworld is basically inclusive and 'Numb3rs' should exist in the same dimension as 'Reaper', why can't we make the assumption that no matter what he says his name is, and no matter what he may claim his background to be, he's actually the Devil?

Have you seen that movie where Gene Hackman was a jury consultant? They already work for him, so why shouldn't he step in and do the job himself?

Toby O'B

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