Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here at Toobworld Central, we're celebrating the upcoming, historical inauguration of Barack Obama by posting pictures each day of other presidents as they appeared in Toobworld.

As Obama is not yet our 44th President, I thought we should show at least one of our subjects as he looked before holding the highest office in the land (TV Land included). And no President had a more picturesque pre-POTUS past than Teddy Roosevelt. (How was that for alliteration?)
Tom Berenger portrayed Teddy during the Spanish-American War, when he organized "The Rough Riders" to fight in Cuba. This TV movie can serve as one of the "Essentials" of Toobworld, as it would be the focal point for an historical juncture in the Toobworld timeline where several other shows can be connected.

Grandpa Zebulon Walton always claimed that he had been a member of the Rough Riders and that he had been there for the charge up San Juan Hill. But when his grandson John-Boy organized a reunion of the veterans to re-stage the charge up Walton's Mountain, the truth came out - he was never there. ('The Waltons')

Kevin Armagh, one of the sons of Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh, died during the battle, nearly breaking the heart of his father who had been planning to groom his son for greater glory. ("Captains And The Kings")

Another TV character who died during the Battle of San Juan Hill, and a major one at that, was Joseph Cartwright. The son of Ben Cartwright, "Little Joe" used to live in Nevada on the Ponderosa Ranch. Technically, he was assumed missing in action there, which was the production's way of hedging their bets should the TV movie lead to a series and then perhaps they got Michael Landon back to reprise the role. However, since it's a moot point now that Landon is gone, we're going to call it - Little Joe died at San Juan Hill. ('Bonanza', 'Ponderosa', and "Bonanza: The Next Generation")

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