Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So here we are, counting down the days to the inauguration of Barack Obama as President by showing various portrayals of past Presidents in Toobworld.

Today we have Thomas Jefferson, as seen in the pilot episode of 'Jack Of All Trades':

Jefferson discovered that government agent Jack Styles was schtupping his niece after rescuing her from the French. Rather than take revenge the old-fashioned way as any wronged uncle might, Jefferson instead decided to take care of Styles diplomatically. He had the spy shipped off to the island province of Palau Palau; there to keep tabs on the doings of the French in that remote region of the South Pacific and to prevent them from using it as a base for world conquest.

In this screen capture we see President Jefferson delivering the news of his assignment to Jack.....

The thing about 'Jack Of All Trades' is that for Toobworld purposes it must be seen as a visualization of Jack Styles' memoirs, which were filled with more lies than the tales told by Baron Munchausen. (They could have been the delirious rantings of a syphilitic; I certainly wouldn't put it past Jack to eventually catch "Cupid's Disease".) So this part of his story may not be factual, even by Toobworld terms, but it's certainly more believable than his account that Napoleon was a midget, or that he dealt with Ben Franklin and Catherine the Great - either many years after they died or were at the very least quite long in the tooth.

Toby O'B

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