Saturday, November 22, 2008


Over the last four years, I suppose it's become passe to tip the hat to 'Lost' by using the name "Oceanic Airways" as the airline of choice in scripted shows like 'Alias', 'Chuck', 'Pushing Daisies', and 'The War At Home' once did.

Nevertheless, it's still a fictional airline which probably has some extra props hanging around in warehouses for easy access to use in other TV shows. Maybe all they need is a little noodge in adjustment.
In "The Passenger In The Oven", Booth and 'Bones' were on board a Pan Oceanic jet flying to China. Toobworld Central is making the claim that Pan Oceanic is a subsidiary of Oceanic. For alls I know, it's the new name for the corporation in the wake of the 815 disappearance in September of 2004.

Either way, I'm saying that the two companies are related and thus serve as a theoretical link between 'Lost' and 'Bones'.

Toby O'B

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Mercurie said...

I find Oceanic Airlines to be fascinating. They were mentioned in the movies Executive Decision, For Love Of The Game, and Out to Sea, and TV shows ranging from Pushing Daisies to, most famously, Lost. Not bad for a company that doesn't exist....