Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had lunch with one of my friends from back home in the Nutmeg State, now an editor at the NY Times. Since I was in the area, I decided to drop in again at my favorite source of bootleg TV DVDs and pick up a few more nuggets for the Toobworld Central Library.....

One I can't tell you about. It's going to be a present for another friend, and it'll just be my luck this is the post he finally looks at here at Inner Toob!

But here were the other three:

"CASINO ROYALE" - the 1954 episode of 'Climax!', adapted from the book by Ian Fleming with Barry Nelson as an American James Bond. (And Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre.)

'TALES OF THE WIZARD OF OZ' - the first Rankin-Bass TV series from 1961, this disc contains thirty of the 150 mini-episodes they produced of the Oz characters as seen in the Tooniverse.

"THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL" - Oh, how could I resist? I'm sure the dupe quality is simply dreadful, but what the hell. (Note to George Lucas - go ahead, release an official version! All is forgiven, and even if there are some cat-calls, you're still going to make a fortune!)

I also got two deliveries from Amazon, pre-orders that got a few bucks shaved off each one just before shipment in time for their drop date. Nice of them!

'DOCTOR WHO': "THE INFINITE QUEST" - I had seen this thanks to my pseudo-kids, just before they had to go back to Taiwan a few years back. Haven't seen it since and the price couldn't be beat. (Unlike the season boxed sets of the live-action 'Doctor Who'! I'm sorry, but over fifty bucks for 13 episodes? Where are we? Parfoon? Um.... I made that up.)


Who was the idiot who set this up? First volume was a boxed set of four discs containing 16 episodes. This has four discs, sixteen episodes.... in ONE case! They could have put the whole season together as a two package boxed set, but NOOOOOOOOO! Greedy bastards!

Not sure what they'll do with Season Two, but now that I have the one episode I wanted - "Who Killed SuperSleuth?" - on bootleg, I'll just keep watching the show on American Life Network to catch any I'm missing. ESPECIALLY if they try to pull this same stunt again!

Toby O'B

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