Tuesday, September 23, 2008


With the third episode of 'True Blood', we got a Zonk combo similar to one from this summer's episode of 'The Middleman' entitled "The Vampire Puppet Lamentations".

Sam Merlotte, owner of the bar where Sookie Stackhouse works, has it bad for her and would love for nothing better than to have his chief rival removed from the competition. As he told his dog, Sam would love it if Buffy and Blade came to Bon Temps; that way the vampire Bill Compton would soon be dispatched.

So as I posted a week or so ago about both Buffy and Blade, they share the same universe as Sam, Sookie, and Bill. Not only do they share the same TV dimension, they've become public figures and their activities public knowledge. I would think that by now in the Toobworld timeline, since her show went off the air in our world, Buffy Summers has even been profiled in People magazine Howard publication).

So this wasn't just wishful thinking on Sam's part about fictional characters. If he really made the effort, he could probably get in touch with either Buffy or Blade to come down to Louisiana in order to root out vampires in general, but Bill Compton in particular.

Toby O'B

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