Friday, September 5, 2008


The powers that be on 'The Closer' are working on a spin-off from the series, which was confirmed by TNT. No information on who would be leaving 'The Closer' to headline the new series, and in fact, it could be a brand new character introduced for the purpose of the spin-off. The main rumor is that the title for the new series would be 'The Fixer'.

That sounds a lot like the job description for "Michael Clayton", whom I think would make for an interesting TV character.....

In other spin-off news, we now know who will be moving on from the end of 'The L Word' on Showtime to their own series... eventually. Maybe.

"[W]e're doing this interesting thing: The storyline at the end of 'The L Word', the final episode in the final season, there will be an open-ended component to it," Showtime CEO Matt Blank explained. "And Ilene is going to carry that story along on the Internet, which we think is an interesting way to keep 'The L Word' experience going. Then if we decide to go ahead with the spinoff, that storyline will segue into the new series."

According to, "Hailey has played Alice Pieszecki since 'The L Word' premiered on Showtime in 2004. A journalist, Alice may be best remembered as the creator of The Chart, a graphic representation of the romantic entanglements and sexual escapades of her group of friends, loved ones and acquaintances."

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