Monday, September 1, 2008


New month, new Fanficcer's Friend.....

If you haven't picked up on FF yet this year here at Inner Toob, it's a monthly installment in which I supply a picture that could inspire those of you out there who like to write fan fiction. (And if you want to make it slash fiction, that's up to you.....)

This month I'm showcasing a couple of pics from the 1960s private eye flick "Marlowe", with James Garner taking on the updated role of Chandler's iconic detective Philip Marlowe. It's a great movie for TV lovers, with appearances by Carroll O'Connor, Jackie Coogan, and a character named Sonny Steelgrave (later made more famous in Toobworld by Ray Sharkey in 'Wiseguy').

But the movie probably gets more attention nowadays for two scenes in which Rockfish -er, Marlowe is menaced by a martial arts thug named Winslow Wong. And that's because Wong is played by Bruce Lee.
But that's in the movie universe. If these two men were to meet in the TV Universe, we'd be seeing them as private eye Jim Rockford and as Kato, the sidekick to 'The Green Hornet'.

Of course, both men are supposed to be heroes in Toobworld, and yet here they're seen at odds with each other. And as you probably guessed, I've got a splainin!

It's like a classic issue of "Marvel Team-Up" comic book: two heroes meet in a case of mistaken circumstance - each thinking the other is guilty of some crime. They battle for awhile and then they team up to overpower the real villain of the story.

The same thing could be happening here as Kato confronts Rockford, first in somebody else's office (because we know Jimbo worked out of his beachfront trailer), and then on a high-rise rooftop in Los Angeles.
And we're just dealing with frame grabs here. No need to give any consideration to how that rooftop scene ends. (For Winslow Wong, it's not good.....)

So have at it, fanficcers! Here's your chance to conjure up a crossover story in which 'The Rockford Files' intersects with 'The Green Hornet'....

Toby O'B

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