Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Whenever there's a hurricane threatening the Gulf Coast states which could affect their counterparts in the TV Universe, these would be the shows that would be affected. Just about all of these shows are no longer on the air, but in Toobworld that doesn't mean the characters don't go on living their lives.

'Malcolm in the Middle'
We don't know where the show actually took place, but Marlin Academy was located there, which is where Francis was going to school when the series began.

'In The Heat Of The Night'
Town of Sparta

'The Long Hot Summer'
Frenchman's Bend

'The Mississippi'
Mississippi River

'Private Benjamin'
Fort Bradley, Biloxi
Of these, I think 'Private Benjamin' was the only one nearest the coastline. But the others were probably very close to the Big Muddy or whatever they call the river......
'Pensacola: Wings of Gold'
'Maximum Bob'

'Down Home'
Hadley Cove
They would have been particularly hard hit by Katrina.

'The Big Easy'
'Bourbon Street Beat'
'Frank's Place'
'13 Bourbon Street'
All of these shows took place in New Orleans. Especially when it comes to some of the charactes from 'Frank's Place', many of them could have perished in Katrina. Of course, some of the shows, like 'Bourbon Street Beat' and 'Longstreet', are old enough so that most of their characters were probably long gone anyway.

'Swamp Thing'
Bayou Swamps Near Town Of Houma

Hurricane Katrina would have even affected a Western series called 'Yancy Derringer'. There were reports of coffins being forced up out of the ground by the storm and the resultant flooding, and Derringer's final resting place could have been disturbed......
Toby O'B

[Thanks to TV Acres for the location info.]

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