Thursday, August 30, 2007


Zack Martin:
"Well, if you're so smart, what's the capital of North Dakota?"
Cody Martin:
Zack Martin:
"I thought Bismark was the capital of South Dakota."
Cody Martin:
"No, that's Pierre."
'The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody'
AUGUST 30, 2007

Fifty years ago today, Pierre Fargo was cryogenically frozen against his will in the Global Dynamics facility of 'Eureka'. ("Family Reunion")

This is conjecture on my part, but then so is two-thirds of the blatherings I post here....

Douglas Fargo's grandfather is named Pierre Fargo. I'm thinking he was born in 1927 right on the border between the two Dakotas. As the family name was already Fargo, his parents decided to honor the blessed event of his dual statesmanship by giving him the Christian name of Pierre.

Can't prove it; probably won't ever need to.

Toby OB

Kelly Bundy:
You know, they're not as nice as they seem on television.
Like today, when I, like the rest of the nation,
was wondering where East Dakota was,
The weatherman told the manager that either I went or he went
'Married... With Children'

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