Tuesday, August 28, 2007


A couple of Zonks out of the Pacific Northwest this week, courtesy of 'Kyle XY'. And both of them are connected to the character Hillary.

Exasperated with the relationship between her friends Declan and Laurie, Hillary exclaimed, "For the love of Peter Petrelli!" in the same declarative voice you would use "By the power of Grayskull!"

Peter Petrelli is the moody young man in 'Heroes' on rival NBC ('Kyle XY' is broadcast on ABC Family.) who has the power to absorb the powers of those around him... but without having to eat their brains as Sylar is rumored to do.

But throughout the show's first season, Peter never displayed his powers so openly in public that he would become a household name known clear across the country from NYC to Seattle. At least, not until the final episode when he began to overload on the nuclear power he absorbed from Ted Sprague, as well as all of the other powers held by Sylar. It was left unclear by the final moments whether he survived the explosion in the upper atmosphere, but I'm hearing enough about the sophomore season of 'Heroes' to know that he'll back.

In the meantime, it is pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that the event was reported and investigated by journalists. Several months have now passed since then and there's been plenty of time for the news to even infiltrate the usually self-centered world of Hillary.

There's another theory that could splain away the Peter Petrelli reference. Like many kids of her generation, Hillary probably spends a lot of time on the Internet. It could be that in her excessive surfing of the Web, she stumbled across the home page dedicated to Nathan Petrelli's campaign for Congress. There, she could have found information and pictures about Nathan's brother Peter, and from that developed a crush on him.

As for the other Zonk, when Declan asked where Hillary was, Laurie told him something in reference to a 'Lost' marathon and that because of it Hillary bailed. (I played the scene over and over but couldn't get precisely what she said.)

The reference to 'Lost' doesn't necessarily have to be to the hit show on mother network ABC, as I once splained away in a post about its mention on an episode of 'Will & Grace'. Back then, I suggested it could have been the name of a movie. But since there was apparently a marathon, it's more likely that the 'Lost' of Toobworld is a TV show.

As of right now, the show we know as 'Lost' is still mired in the past, in December of 2004 (with a slight detour to the present day courtesy of this year's season finale). So even though the series won't end until 2010, it's possible that it will all be concluded in plenty of time for a TV show to be developed about the subject matter - should it become public knowledge - and to be broadcast.

Since we don't have to worry about that for another three TV seasons, we'll just put that Zonk on hold until we hopefully get the chance to backdate the information.

At least Hillary did contribute something to the expansion of Toobworld in this episode: a new word for the Lexicon.

"Fauxprah" - a fake Oprah. She used it to describe her failed attempts to counsel Declan and Laurie......

Toby OB

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