Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Here at Toobworld Central, I'm slowly learning my way around my new computer, Artemus. For the first time ever, I'm burning CD-R disks of my collection of TV crossover pictures out of my floppy disks and it's great that I'm able to squeeze about 800 of them onto one disk! Once I get rid of all these floppies, what WILL I do with the room?

I'm working on a post about the cosmic burps of the TV Universe, in connection with this week's episode of 'My Boys', but I want to get a few more disks done (one being a blipverts collection and of course there's always my porn....).

In the meantime, here's another picture dredged up from the murky depths, yet one that still has a life on the last remaining page of my old Tubeworld Dynamic website. This one was also made by my Iddiot friends Jim 'n' Tay, also known as Tay 'n' Jim:


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