Saturday, August 11, 2007


"Studio 6H is where we do 'The Girlie Show'.
Did you all see Tracy Jordan make a special appearance the other night?
Wasn't that exciting!?
That is what we in the show business like to call a cameo
Kenneth Parcell
'30 Rock'

Jack McBrayer appeared on the first episode of 'My Boys' for the second season, "The Promise Of A New Season". His character was un-named, and only was onscreen for less than a minute, but somehow he became the mortal enemy of Kenny Morritori's new, very pregnant girlfriend while they were all at Crowley's bar.

McBrayer is best known today for playing Kenneth Ellen Parcell, the sweetly simple page working for NBC at '30 Rock'. But he's not chained to life in New York City because of his job. (First off, he's from farther south.) So it's entirely pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, as Vincent Van Gopher would say, that maybe Kenny had to go to Chicago on NBC business for either Jack Donaghy, Liz Lemon, or more likely, for Tracy Jordan, the star of 'TGS with Tracy Jordan'.

Just by chance his path crossed with Kimmy at the Crowley's bar, and unlike her new boyfriend, this was one Kenny with whom she did not get along.

Kenny: It's Kimmy's business and she can be sensitive.
Kimmy: There's the dick head from the bar!

As always with Toobworld, this can't be a proven link. But should Jack McBrayer ever appear as Kenny the Page in any other NBC show, this would be the hypothetical link that could garner him a berth in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame on the Birthday Honors List.

Toby OB

"You are a puzzle, Kenneth Ellen,
And I'm going to solve you. Yes I am
Jack Donaghy
'30 Rock'

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