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Until 1990, Winston Newquay was a giant in the recording business as the owner of Radiance Records. But when the OCB took an interest in his business practices - how he ripped off his own artists by selling clean dubs of their recordings overseas - his influence and power began to wane. But even the threat of jail and financial losses from the government couldn't have hurt him as much as had the death of his arch-rival and perhaps only friend, Isaac Twine. (Isaac once owned Shakala Records, but lost it, as well as Dead Dog Records, to Winston in a poker game.)

"Winston Newquay" was as phony as his name. He was born Sammy Fishbine to a working class family in the East End of London, perhaps not far from Walford Square. His air of English civility and superiority barely masked the vindictive streak of his sadistic nature, treating everyone, including and especially his late wife Claudia, with sneering contempt.

When his fortunes were lost due to the government investigation into his business practices, Winston Newquay decided to reinvent himself yet again. In the last twenty years, he took on a new persona, that of "Nigel St. Nigel". He remained in the business that he knew best, that of music and the recording industry, by utilizing the one talent that he actually mastered. With his skill at sarcasm, Nigel St. Nigel became a critic.

As his fame and notoriety grew, Nigel was offered the opportunity to be one of the judges on a TV "reality" show called 'American Duos'. (This was a rip-off of a copy of a copy of another show that was on the air, and even that was a rip-off of some other TV series.)

The other two judges on the program were Zapato Dulce, a former Latino heart-throb, and a substance-abusing bimbo named Emilina Saffron. But it was Nigel St. Nigel who got all the attention because of his withering, blistering, caustic comments to the contestants on the show.

And that was probably why somebody was trying to kill him......

Winston Newquay/Sammy Fishbine appeared on 'Wiseguy'.
Nigel St. Nigel was on the recent season opener for 'Psych'.
Both were played by Tim Curry.

Toby OB

"I feel like an angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy."
Nigel St. Nigel

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