Saturday, July 21, 2007


Have you been watching 'The Bronx Is Burning' on ESPN? I think we have a lock on the Toobit award for the best blend of Toobworld and Real World History come the end of the year. I'm finding it fascinating, especially since 1977 was a big year for me as well - graduating from UConn, working summer stock at Thomaston Opera House, and moving to Manhattan on Halloween.

Oliver Platt is playing George Steinbrenner and even if he doesn't look like the Boss, he nails the voice and captures the attitude. Best of all is that the role doesn't clash with the other major portrayal of Steinbrenner in Toobworld - that by Larry David on 'Seinfeld'.

We never saw "Steingrabber" on that show about nothing from any other angle except from the back of the head. (There may have been several silhouettes in shadow.) So we don't have to go looking for recastaway splainins.

Trying to add in George Steinbrenner's gig as the host of 'Saturday Night Live' might have been a problem, but we can just ship that over to the sketch comedy TV dimension. (And the same holds true for Billy Martin - played by John Turturro in the mini-series - when he hosted a "cliffhanger" season finale, only to be fired during the show. He then set the studio on fire....)

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