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Ever since I started "Inner Toob", I've found less time, and quite frankly, less interest, in posting to the Idiot's Delight Digest (my first big reason to join the world of the Internet). Everything I want to say, I can just as easily say here.

But occasionally I do add comments to other TV sites, and even to the IDD. And being the lazy bastid that I am, there were a couple of salient points I made recently that I thought I could just as easily have shared here.

So I will.

So there.

Here's one about the cancellation of 'The Loop' from Alan Sepinwall's blog, "What's Alan Watching" (link to the left):

Toby said...
Perhaps it's just as well that 'The Loop' is now history; let it go out with its lack of dignity intact before the network suits (may they be nibbled to death by ducks!) diddled with it some more in order to please whosever butt Murdoch has to smooch to buy up more media outlets.

It was a funny show and will have its place in my DVD collection. (I already have season one).

Should there have been more? I'd say so, but 'Fawlty Towers' went out with 12 episodes and kept its reputation unsullied by going on too long. Maybe in the long run, that's what's best for 'The Loop' as well....
8:20 AM

And then I pestered the fine folks in Rob Buckley's "The Medium Is Not Enough" (also with a link to the left) with my take on the pilot of 'Burn Notice':

I enjoyed the pilot a lot and plan to come back for more.

Especially liked Campbell as that kind of rummy friend you'd find in 'To Have And Have Not' and 'Islands In The Stream', plus all those movies where that same rummy might just sell you out....

The pilot triggered the alarms for one of my viewing rules: if they give you ancillary info that doesn't seem to have much to do with the story at hand, it'll be important later.

A lot was made about Westen's relationships with his late father and his brother Nate. Of course, it was probably there to bring some shading to his background and fill in the family history, but I think there'll be more to it than that.

Not only do I think we're guaranteed to meet Nate down the road, but I think his father will turn out to be still alive as well.

And either one of them in complicit in his burn notice.

I guess we'll see....
Posted by Toby OB July 2, 2007 9:14 PM

And finally, back in my old stomping grounds of the Idiot's Delight Digest, I tried to drum up some dialogue among the Iddiots with this assessment of 'Rescue Me':

Here's another TV-related question like last week's re: 'John From Cincinnatti':

Anybody else watching 'Rescue Me'? What did you think about last week's episode?

I didn't think that was in the Chief's nature at all, and it means the loss of a great character on that show - one of the few worth watching.

Gonna miss Jack McGee.

And I'm sick of ALL the Denis Leary plotlines. It's beyond belief that so many women are throwing themselves at him; I can't see that at all. (He looks like my cousin, so that's probably why.) He's upped the ante on the Job factor with Tommy so much that he makes it look like Andy Sipowicz was Mr. Sunshine!

Maybe he should follow through on his threat to kill off more on the show by offing Tommy and then he can just produce the series.

I wish they did kill off Sheila on the show. I liked Callie Thorne a lot on 'Homicide: Life On The Street', but Sheila is too much now. She could have stuck around as a ghost, that's fine. But she's killing the energy by eating up so much of the plotline.

Not sure how much longer I'll stick with it with most of the storylines either ridiculous, non-existent, or unbearable to think about. (Janet with the baby is creeping me out as to what may happen...)

Still like Probie, and Uncle Teddy is fun to watch, even if it seems like he is in his own show.

Okay, just wanted to see some movement in here.....

And I just wanted to spare myself actually writing up something original on the holiday. Bad enough I have to work it when it's also my day off, but to do actual research for a new post seems downright un-American!

Buy Bonds!

Toby OB

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