Monday, July 2, 2007


While working on that last piece about Seattle, I received a package from my pusher of choice,!

Here are the latest additions to the libraries of Toobworld Central:

"Doctor Who: The Completely Unofficial Encyclopedia"

I realize publications like this are outdated as soon as they're printed, but it's always nice to have one around as a starting point for research. And there is mention of Martha Jones, so it's as up-to-date as possible...

1-2] 'Dead Like Me' - Seasons One & Two

My buddy Michael turned me on to this show. (I don't get Showtime, and wasn't enthusiastic about seeing them censored on Sci-Fi.) When he made his first attempt with the pilot, I felt very lukewarm about the whole thing. But a couple of weeks ago he showed me a few more episodes and every time he asked if he should play another, I nodded - I guess I was just in a better frame of mind by then to hang out with Rube and the gang at the Waffle House!

Poor Michael - It's one more hold he doesn't have over me. Oh well, at least he and Mark still control my access to the new Whos, Torchwoods, and the upcoming Sarah Janes ::sigh...::

3] "The Lord Of The Rings" animation trilogy

Collected in one "set" (just the three disks in the same shrink wrap, really - no fancy box), these are the two Rankin-Bass TV movie specials, "The Hobbit" and "The Return Of The King", and the feature film by Ralph Bakshi, "The Lord Of The Rings".

I'm hoping to introduce my 2½ year old nephew to "The Hobbit" this summer (last Thanksgiving it was "The Wizard Of Oz"), but I think he's a bit too young for the Bakshi movie.....

Toby OB

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