Thursday, June 21, 2007


David Bianculli, TV columnist and critic for the New York Daily News, had an interesting article yesterday about this stupid idea by TV Land to show theatrical movies. He offered up ways to make the idea at least somewhat palatable and in keeping with the original goals of the network.

Personally, I'd like to see them schedule all of those made for TV movies from the early 1970s that were all over the map as far as topics go, instead of the generic "woman in jeopardy" flicks they devolved into.

O'Bviously you'd have the classics like:

"Trilogy Of Terror"
"The Execution Of Private Slovik"
"The Burning Bed"

But I'd also want to see these movies again:

"Seven In Darkness"
"A Little Game"
"But I Don't Want To Get Married"
"Wake Me When The War Is Over"

For one reason or another, they've always held fast in my poor excuse for a mind.

On a similar topic, writer and producer Ken Levine wrote about those old "showcases" in which networks would burn off their unsold pilots in order to recoup some of their costs. Levine calls them "Failure Theatre".

I'd love for the chance to see some of these pilots that didn't sell, like the one about the Zombies which would have starred Amber Tamblyn. But Levine says that the networks today don't want the audience to second-guess them.

That happens way too often already on the internet.....

Toby OB

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