Thursday, June 21, 2007


I could very easily max out my credit cards worshipping at the shrine of and other online DVD outlets. I ordered the following items on Tuesday and got them this morning, and never had to leave the comfort of Number Two's egg-shaped chair.

"Soon I Will Be Invincible" by Austin Grossman
This is that novel about a world of super-heroes that I was blogging/blathering about the other day. It's going to be my summer vacation read up at The Lake.

'The Loop' (Season One)
So far, I haven't had my socks knocked off by Season Two, but then that could be because I don't normally wear socks. But I loved the first season, especially for the ladies back home and could have done with less of brother Sully. So what happens? The show comes back and the two girls are gone and Sully's still around!

At any rate, Mimi Rogers is delicious and Philip Baker Hall is an evil genius of comedic acting.

'Kyle XY: Declassified' (Season One)
Something about the style and delivery of the show tells me that it just shouldn't work; that it should be outright lame. And yet I'm totally hooked on its dynamics. So far, the second season has not disappointed me, and I found myself choking up over Kyle's reunion with Mrs. Trager and the rest of the family. (Her realization that Kyle must be in the next room reminded me so much of Myrna Loy's reaction in "The Best Years Of Our Lives".)

'Picket Fences' (Season One)
The final season of this show, after DEK departed, left a bad taste in my memory as I'm sure it did for a lot of viewers. Doesn't matter - this still holds up as one of my Top Ten series of all time. Can't wait to revisit Rome, Wisconsin!

'The Lost Room'
This mini-series was "voted" the Toobit Award for Best Mini-series of 2006. Totally original and highly imaginative and all with the most mundane of items. It left itself open to a possible sequel, but I hope they trust to leave this gem just as it is.
I'm already itching to head back into the online stores - not for myself, mind you (cough cough!), but for my 2½ year old nephew. There's so much out there in movies and TV for kids that I want him to have access to. So much stuff that I grew up with.... Man, that poor kid will never catch up!

Toby OB

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MediumRob said...

All good TV choices, Tobes. Loved them all!