Saturday, June 23, 2007


'The Young & The Restless' has another of its cross-overs with 'The Bold & The Beautiful' beginning on July 5th. (The most recent one - I think - involved Amber arriving in Genoa City.) This time, Brooke is going to show up in the Wisconsin city to "bust a prominent Genoa City resident", as Carolyn Hinsey, editor of "Soap Opera Weekly" put it in the New York Daily News).

Although I was inclined to think it might have to do with the Senate race between former stripper Nikki Newman and her ex-husband Jack Abbott who would be viewed by the public as a bigamist if they learned he was living with two of his wives, I'm now leaning towards this revelation of Brooke's to be about Lauren Fenmore Baldwin.

Lauren used to live in L.A. and was a regular for a time on 'The Bold & The Beautiful' and could be the only regular now on 'The Young & The Restless' whom Brooke would know enough about to make life difficult.

July 5th is just around the corner.....

And here's another soap note: one of my favorite actresses, Georgia Engel, who is indelibly enshrined in my pantheon of great TV characters as Georgette Franklin Baxter on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', will be appearing on 'Passions' next week for just six episodes.

I haven't visited the spooky environs of Harmony for a very long time, probably not since the death of the actor who played Timmy, but I'll definitely be stopping into town to see whomever Ms. Engel plays!

Toby OB

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