Friday, May 18, 2007


Sometimes we have to make allowances for the differences between Toobworld and the real world. For instance, the presidential election years in 'The West Wing' are different from those which we have mandated by the Constitution. (At least I think they're set in stone by the Constitution.... What do I know? I was born here.)

Over in Alan Sepinwall's blog, "What's Alan Watching?" (link to the left), Alyssa noticed a difference from a recent episode of 'Entourage:

"I really enjoyed this episode. The only thing that bothered me is that the boys were at the Del Mar Racetrack on Yom Kippur, which is impossible. The races are over for the year around Labor Day...Yom Kippur is late Sept/early October. I know that's quite a nitpick, but it did distract me for a while."

I didn't know that fact, but it wouldn't have bothered me. Ya gotta go with the flow.

My bestest of friends, Ivy, let me know what peeved her in the sneak preview of 'Traveler':

"I was paying more attention to the fact that in fake NY in 2007 it is possible to bring GIANT BACKPACKS into a museum, apparently without having to pass through any kind of security device at all.

I particularly disliked the fake names -- like the hotel they were staying in was clearly intended to be the Waldorf but it was called Wood-something Court, and even the art museum name was fake. I'm surprised they used the real name for the Queensboro Bridge.

The other thing was that, after a major explosion such as occurred and with the city shutting down subway service out of the city, NO ONE would be allowed to walk across the Queensboro Bridge. What the hell would be the point of shutting down the subways if the suspects could just walk across a freakin' bridge??

And as I found out on 9/11, nobody could walk across a bridge. I tried."

The hotel was Worcester Court, but it was obvious from the background locations that it was really the Waldorf. I used to work there (for SAVAK, the Shah's secret police - no, really!) so I know it well. However, being the Zen Televisiologist that I am, I just let it slide. After all, TV-NYC is full of fictional companies and institutions - the Nutt House Hotel, Sunshine Taxi Company, Central Perk, McLaren's Bar, Buchanan High School......

The stuff about the backpacks and crossing the bridge however, well, Ivy's right about that. That's just a breakdown in believability.


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