Thursday, May 17, 2007


I wrote a few thoughts about "Greatest Hits", the penultimate episode for this season of 'Lost', in the comments section at Being the lazy-ass that I am, I figured I might as well share them here at "Inner Toob" as well:

60. Jordan came up with the same idea I had - that the two women in the Looking Glass hatch could be original Dharma staffers rather than Others. (Besides, I get the feeling that Richard's original group of Others were all men, descended from Black Rock survivors - if not the Black Rockers themselves. Any women now on the island were shipped in by Ben.)

So another addition to that corner of the mythology that deals with Wonderland: the Looking Glass hatch with its white rabbit DHARMA symbol. We've had the "White Rabbit" episode, #8 who was used to con Sawyer with that exploding pacemaker story, the pet Ben used to test the fence, and Alex gutting a rabbit for Karl.

I'd even throw in the little tea party on the beach between Kate (as Alice) and Ben (definitely the Mad Hatter).

I had been telling friends that all this talk about Charlie's death was going to be like that Lewis Black routine about "Iraq... Iraq... Iraq... IRAN!", where we're expecting one thing but get another. I thought we'd all be conditioned to expect Charlie to die but instead it would be somebody else like Jack.

So I tip my hat to Lindelof and Cuse for this twist of events. I can see them writing Charlie out for most of next season by leaving him there in his little Sealab harem.... poor Charlie, such a fate! LOL

Maybe that's what Desmond really saw: Charlie experiencing the classic "little death", know what I mean? nudge nudge wink wink!

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